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  • Pharmaceutical Ingredients

    Pink Rose

    pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are also used in medicine, and the term active substance may be used for natural products.

  • Herbal Tea Ingredients

    Peppermint Tea Ingredients

    Herbal Teas make for wonderful low calorie and relaxing drinks. Apart having a benificial effect on health, herbal teas are fragrant and appealing.

  • Tobacco Natural Ingredients

    Safed Musli

    Tobacco Natural ingredients have been added to tobacco to control moisture, maintain quality and balance the natural tobacco taste.

  • Veterinary Medicines Ingredients


    Veterinary medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in non-human animals.

  • Essential Oil


    Essential oils are volatile and liquid aroma compounds from natural sources, usually plants. They are not oils in a strict sense, but often share with oils a poor solubility in water. Essential oils often have an odor and are therefore used in food flavoring and perfumery.

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Jairamdass Khushiram Impex Pvt.Ltd. ( JKImpex ) is Wholesaler, Trader, Importer and Processors (Cleaning), Graders, Packers & Exporters of Herbs, Spices, Oil Seeds, Natural Gums, Sea Shells, Dry Fruits and Minerals etc.

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